Vegan Peanut Currant Spread
Vegan Peanut Currant Spread

Vegan Peanut Currant Spread

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Weight  (when packed) Net 200gms
Storage & shelf life No refrigeration required. Stays good at room temperature. Consume within 30 days.
How do I eat? If refrigerated, allow it to come to room temperature (in about 20 mins) to regain it's spreadable- consistency.
Eaten along / as Spread on a sourdough bread or our VEGAN Jowar Wheat Bread slice - creates a perfect snack for your coffee / tea
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Black currants are widely used for making tarts, pies, jams, and jellies. We have created our version of this dried fruit and made a vegan recipe out of it! The fruity currant blended in the nutty peanuty taste is something you'll look forward to eat along with your coffee.

Jar : 200gms 

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