In with the old! In with the New!

Not your mom's chocolate shop, except for us, it actually was!

Harsh Chocolates is a 2nd-generation of chocolatiers, currently led by Ankita & Anuja, HC started its love affair with chocolate in 2001. Because chocolates are the voice of passion and love, whether it is the love of chocolate itself or as a powerful expression of love for as dear one.



In 2001, our Mom, brought her passion into creating fine chocolate in Bombay! At the time, the customers were delighted by her Almond Rocks, Biscuit Chocolates and the exceptional Packaging she offered! Expanding her business into a commercial kitchen, Harsh Chocolates grew to be loved by all customers! 

As her daughters, we inherited a beloved kitchen and lessons such as the importance of a smile and a business hustle.

Reaching a natural evolution and recognizing that Indian culinary arts have caught up to the, we took education & training in culinary arts and entrepreneurship, and formally launched Harsh Chocolates in Mumbai!

At Harsh Chocolates, we know that turning cacao (kah KOW) seeds into chocolate requires time, effort, and artistry. As a family run firm rather than an industrial plant, we run a kitchen that produces chocolate in consonance with the great traditions of chocolate making.

Now making our own confections that honor past traditions and establish new ones, we are excited to delight current and future generations!


Ankita is the chef and heads the production team at Harsh Chocolates. She's holds a Diploma Bakery & Confectionery from IHM (Institute of Hotel Management - Dadar, Mumbai) and Barry Callebaut Academy. You'll always find Ankita engrossed in creating new recipes and pushing the limits of creating something new. While she's developing a whole new vertical in HC, some of our signature classics - Almond Rocks and Biscuit Chocolates, learnt in the early days of HC, still stand to be timeless classics from the kitchen - under her leadership!

Anuja heads the Design, Branding & packaging @ Harsh Chocolates. A warm gifting experience has always been a part of HC's products!

She welcomes you to the next generation of Chocolatiers and plan to strengthen the brand’s footprint in the city via online retail - by guiding the development of exceptional products that stand the test of time!

Anuja is an illustrator and excessive sketch-notes keeper :)