Vegan Zunka Bhakar Bread
Vegan Zunka Bhakar Bread

Vegan Zunka Bhakar Bread

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Weight  (when packed) 430-450gms
Storage & shelf life Refrigerate Immediately. Stays good for 3 days. Best eaten on the day of receipt
How do I eat? Allow the bread to come on room temperature, slice (as usual bread loaf). Toast if you like.
Eaten along / as Cheese slice, our VEGAN Thecha Butter - lightly toasted / grilled as a Meal by itself :)
  • It is a quintessential peasant fare meal served with a green chilli or thecha
  • It’s popular alongside the western coast of INDIA, especially Maharashtra.
  • JOWAR (bhakar) - that has complex carbohydrates, digests slowly, helps in keeping your blood sugar level stable, and, GRAM FLOUR (Zunka) - 100 gms provide approximately 22 grams of protein, other than providing calcium and other micronutrients
  • This staple combination of flavours with nutrition excited us to create something for you to eat everyday - at a comfort of a LOAF!
  • The fibre and high protein in this loaf makes it great for improving satiation and keeping hunger pangs at bay.
  • Benefits of curry leaves, mustard seeds, onion and wheat add to the essence of this simple dish!
  • Presenting to you the Artisanally made Zunka Bhakar Loaf -
  • Slice the loaf, grill it well and combine it with our THECHA butter to add some Maharshtra’s spice

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