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For the Movie Lover Sibling : Lights, camera, chocolates! If your sibling is a movie enthusiast who loves to get lost in the magic of the silver screen, our specially curated almond rocks are a perfect match. Picture this: a beautifully designed hamper basket filled with a variety of nutty chocolates. The combination of smooth, creamy chocolate with crunchy nuts will keep them munching happily throughout their favourite film. Whether it's horror, thriller or adventure film - our nutty chocolates will be a blockbuster hit!
1 Movie Love Tote bag + Half Kg Signature Almond Rock


1pc Tote bag dimensions : 15 length, 10 inch wide. ; 10 inches handle.


HALf Kg Almond Rocks 

Dimension of the set (appx inches ) : Length : 5 (L) by 5 (B) by 3 (H) inches "

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