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Vegan Fourseed Chocolate Spread

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Weight  (when packed) Net 200gms
Storage & shelf life No refrigeration required. Stays good at room temperature. Consume within 30 days.
How do I eat? If refrigerated, allow it to come to room temperature (in about 20 mins) to regain it's spreadable- consistency.
Eaten along / as Spread on a sourdough bread or our VEGAN Jowar Wheat Bread slice - creates a perfect snack for your coffee / tea
  • Char-magaz literally means 'Four Brain', indicating a mixture of Four Seeds that are good for the brain. 
  • We couldn’t resist to combine these seeds with chocolate - being our primary school of learning, we’ve created a recipe that combines the antioxidants of cacao (From HARSH CHOCOLATES) and the benefits of these seeds and make the breads taste better!
  • Best Eaten as : A spoonful by itself, a dip for breadsticks and doughnuts or just a simple spread on the bread. Our Jowar Wheat Loaf is combined best with the Four Seeds Butter
  • Fun Fact! :D

    Cravings of chocolate is high while you are PMS-ing. Opt for dark chocolate/ chocolate products, if you really need a fix. It may help you to cope with some of the other downsides of PMS.

    Try our FREQUENTLY ordered Mocha Mousse for it! 
  • Vegetarian Chocolates

    All our products are Vegetarian, (DO NOT contain eggs).

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  • Freshly Made

    All our products are freshly made with Zero artificial preservatives. Please consume them within specified shelf life mentioned on the package :)

    Storage Instructions 


We create a personalized experience with your brand colours & customise the chocolate flavours. This creates a lasting impression when gifting our chocolates, with YOUR Brand Customisations

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