Adventure Love
Adventure Love

Adventure Love

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About The Product

The Adventurous Foodie Sibling: For the sibling who loves exploring new flavors and delights in unique culinary experiences, we present our exotic chocolate adventure box. This box is a treasure trove of unexpected flavor combinations and innovative chocolate creations. From tangy citrus-infused chocolates to spicy chili-chocolate truffles, each bite will be a thrilling adventure for their taste buds. Let your adventurous foodie sibling embark on a chocolate journey like no other with our one-of-a-kind chocolate adventure box.

Custom Designed Cloth Bag with Adventure Love + Assorted Box (Almond rocks + Mocha Mousse + Biscuit chocolates)


1pc Tote bag dimensions : 15 length, 10 inch wide. ; 10 inches handle.


1pc Assorted Box : Contains 4 pcs almond rocks + 1 Mocha brownie Mousse + 3 Pcs Biscuit chocolates | Dimension of the Box : Length :5", Breadth : 5", Height : 3"

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