Practically making chocolates for 60-80 mins together is a fun activity that help boosts team building through food lens.

Creating a recipe together helps foster new and longer friendships among inter and intra team members of the same office!

This workshop is for anyone who enjoy simple cooking, who love being creative or enjoy a good dessert! 

This is our overview of game plan for the CHOCO-PLAY - a fun Chocolate Workshop by HC :D

Chocolate Recipe : 

  1. We would teach (about 45 mins)
    1. Chocolate Recipe : (Something creative that can be made and assembled in 1 hour)
    2. A two or three layer recipes that will have flavours and fresh fruits etc.
We will make TWO such servings, so 1 serving - participants can enjoy and taste and 1 serving can be carried home.
Chocolate Quiz : 

While the chocolate are in making and set, we will have fun quiz (about 15- 20 mins) :

  1. Example : Blindfold and smell and identify the ingredient (chocolate related)
  2. Guess the ingredient to be paired with (A card game), and, so on.

We will curate and get Our Premium Chocolate Boxes for the Entire Winning TEAM and make a quiz in such a way that we can teach them about CHOCOLATE in a fun way and help in team building!


We would be getting  : 

  • Packaging boxes/ material for things to carry home - what’ll we make that day - with cross branding HC and YOUR COMPANY LOGO
  •  Our HC aprons.
  • Bowls and spatula, fork, trays etc - required for the recipe.


We’d need (at the venue) : 

  • A refrigerator,
  • microwave etc. All basic ones. 
  • Management support in setting up and managing the event.


BUDGET : Our budget for the entire CHOCOLATE Making Workshop ranges between 900-1600 per head. Plus GST on invoice.

The variation depends on the time and number of participants


TIME : On the lowest time slot required by us :

- Set up - 30 mins

- MAIN WORKSHOP 60-120 mins (i.e 1 hour to 2 hours)

*We would be happy if we can get a solid 2.5 - 3 hours for a workshop. That way we can teach a bonus technique.


Total Participants : 

We need a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 50. 

*We'd be happy if there are more, but along with that the time would be vary too.