Walnut Whips

Walnut Whips

Walnut whips themselves have always been pretty iconic confectionary, both in looks and name. Over the years, they were rolled out by Nestle in a range of delicious flavours, including maple and coffee flavours. The original vanilla is the only one still going and it consists of a whirl-shaped cone of milk chocolate and inside is a dollop of whipped vanilla fondant topped with that all-important walnut. At it's peak of popularity (probably in the 90s), Nestle claimed that a walnut whip was eaten by someone, somewhere in the UK every two seconds!

The only change to the recipe along the way was the addition of a decorative walnut on the whip's outer peak. Later, the inner walnut was removed to avoid walnut overload presumably.

The walnut whip recently achieved a boost, thanks to Ken Livingstone, who famously claimed that the London 2012 Games would cost each Londoner only the price of a walnut whip at 38p.

Whatever happended to Walnut Whips with coffee cream in the middle? God they were delicious!!


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