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Jowar Wheat Bread

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Made from scratch & quality ingredients listed as per use. NO MAIDA, artificial or hidden ingredients/preservatives!

Vegan Option Available

24 hours - preorder basis only



Weight  (when packed) 430-450gms
Storage & shelf life Refrigerate Immediately. Stays good for 3 days. Best eaten on the day of receipt
How do I eat? Allow the bread to come on room temperature, slice (as usual bread loaf). Toast if you like.
Eaten along / as Coffee, jam, a cheese slice ; also an excellent substitute for Roti :)

Combine it with : sliced and grill and lather some TILGUD butter! Alternatively, add some cheese to melt on a warm toast and combine it with our THECHA butter to add some spice!

  • Millets - fed more 40% of Indian Population, pre Green Revolution.
  • Millets are high fibre source and loaded with micronutrients.
  • There are 30 varieties of Sorghum, only one of which is used for human consumption. It is the 5th most important cereal in the world
  • Smart Food INDIA campaign and agricultural strategists are working towards bringing back these wholesome grains.
  • Sourcing all ingredients directly from Farmers - is our ONLY driving force for the Bicycle Kitchen.
  • Small kitchen - like ours, have joined hands in the revolution to popularise millets and we’ve chosen JOWAR for this recipe!
  • Jowar is complex carbohydrate that digests slowly (low GI food) leads to stable blood sugar levels.
  • We leveraged this millet with plant based yogurt, mixed seeds and wheat and created a recipe for your everyday meals!
  • Since we are a small batch (‘make to order kitchen’- ONLY) and do not add preservatives in our products | Consume as per instructions mentioned on the packaging!
  • We bring to you our JOWAR WHEAT Loaf
  • Fun Fact! :D

    Cravings of chocolate is high while you are PMS-ing. Opt for dark chocolate/ chocolate products, if you really need a fix. It may help you to cope with some of the other downsides of PMS.

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  • Vegetarian Chocolates

    All our products are Vegetarian, (DO NOT contain eggs).

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  • Freshly Made

    All our products are freshly made with Zero artificial preservatives. Please consume them within specified shelf life mentioned on the package :)

    Storage Instructions 


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